BMW brings back its films and Clive Owen

Fifteen years after BMW set new expectations for branded entertainment with The Hire short-films, the brand has re-enlisted Clive Owen to star in another action-packed film.

Owen plays a mysterious driver for hire in The Escape, as he outruns the FBI and a security team with an illegal clone, played by Dakota Fanning, in the back seat. Called Five, but later Lily, Fanning’s character may remind some Stranger Things fans of Eleven with longer hair. The other two key actors are Jon Bernthal of The Walking Dead and The Wolf of Wall Street, and Vera Farmiga of The Conjuring and Up In The Air.

Director is Neill Blomkamp, of District 9 and Elysium, delivers just less than ten minutes of car chases, with minimal dialogue and a fairly simple story line told through emotive scenes, although the BMW logo is sufficiently shined on the 5 Series Sedan. The biggest branding moment is when Owen manages to pull down a helicopter attached to his car.

In on-camera interview Owen said: “I just think it was a brilliant idea originally to get top movie directors in to do a short film format, give them the freedom to do it how they wanted to do it. I think they just stand the test of time”.

See all he and the crew have to say on BMW’s promotional site here.

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