A bizarre web series to encourage teens to drink milk

Canada-based Milk West, a dairy partnership consisting of Alberta Milk, BC Dairy Association, Dairy Farmers of Manitoba and SaskMilk, has launched a somewhat bizarre YouTube-based campaign via DDB.

Called Snack Time and featuring a trio traditional snacks in awkward scenes, the campaign takes the form of a web series that is intermittently updated with new videos. 

At the time of writing, there were three videos on the site, each featuring the crudely animated protagonists participating in conversations that were seemingly disengaged from the issues at hand.

Jason Brandes, the market development director and spokesperson for Milk West, told Canadian publication Profectio that the campaign is targeted at increasing milk consumption among teens.  

“Teens are a tough segment and finding a natural place to engage with them is challenging,” he said in the article. “They expect more from marketers than previous generations and spend less time with traditional media. The Snack Time web series creates a relevant platform for milk to connect with teens on an ongoing basis by serving them fresh, engaging content that they are already seeking.”

The first three episodes feature no explicit examples of branding nor a traditional call to action, and it takes a bit of digging to even find out what the campaign is for. It will however be interesting to see what unfolds in the next nine episodes and how the campaign develops. 


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