Good, honest pies: Big Ben and Assignment keep it real, entertaining and obvious

They say honesty is the best policy. And George Weston Foods has taken that advice onboard in a new campaign for Big Ben pies by Assignment Group that aims to dispel a few meat and pastry related myths—and, of course, sell a few more pies. And it’s done it in an entertainingly masculine style that should appeal to the pie-loving community.  

TV3’s What’s Really in Our Food recently dedicated a whole show to finding out what goes into our nation’s pies and, despite a perception from some that there’s all kinds of mysterious meat inside those at the cheaper end of the continuum, it found all the manufacturers were above board and didn’t use dodgy ingredients. And with the new ‘Real meat, real pastry, real pies’ tagline (and one spot that references the myths directly and shows the kinds of things that don’t go into Big Ben Pies like lips, ears, dog, cilantro and ponces), it’s aiming to promote that. 

Starring comedian du jour Millen Baird as passionate pie man Neville, the ads were directed by Greg Page from Flying Fish. And there’s also no doubt they’re ads, given it starts off with ‘this is an ad for Big Ben Pies’ and finishes with the line ‘Now go and buy one’.

Pak ‘n’ Save recently had a bit of fun at the expense of meat avoiders, and they also get a little bit of friendly ribbing here, with one of the funniest spots in the series showing that all of its pies are made from pure, 100 percent seasoned vegetarians. Mmmm, get in there girl. 





And for all the true fans, there’s also a series of entertaining out-takes featuring Baird in character as Neville. 



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