Better out than in: OMANZ launches new brand, website

The Outdoor Media Association of New Zealand (OMANZ) has been on a mission to raise its profile and kick back into gear after a period of inactivity, some might even say irrelevancy. A big part of that process was establishing industry cohesion, rebranding (with the help of DraftFCB) and creating a new educational website (with the help of ICE Interactive). And the “one stop shop to advertisers and agencies for all things out-of-home industry related” has just gone live. 

“As OMANZ is a relatively new organisation, it was important we developed a site which provided an overview about OMANZ and its role in the industry as well as giving great and informative content to users about the out-of-home industry in New Zealand,” says Jo Davenport, marketing and communications at OMANZ. “We’ve included everything from industry facts, figures and research through to tips on how to make the most of the creative opportunity and also an impressive image gallery showcasing out-of- home inventory by format and by product classification. In doing this the site provides both agencies and their clients with a comprehensive overview of how powerful out-of-home media can be for them.”

Figures about the growth of the industry and revenue numbers, which have slowly been moving up after the nadir of the recession, will be regularly updated and added to the site for reference, along with updates to the research section, which provides data from around the world on how effective out-of-home media can be.

“We’re working hard to raise the profile of out-of-home advertising, and the website is just one of the steps in doing this. I’m really pleased with how it has all come together and definitely showcases the strength of out-of-home in New Zealand,” she says.

There’s also a bit of bribery to welcome visitors to the site, because those who sign up for the regular communiques will go into the draw to win one of five $50 iTunes vouchers.


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