StopPress’ best Super Bowl ads of 2013

The average game of NFL contains only 11 minutes of action, the rest of the three hours is spent on replays, shots of players, and commercials. It’s no wonder then that there’s so much hooplah around Super Bowl ads, because for some it’s the only entertainment amidst the spectacle that is American football.

This year, more than 110 million people are expected to tune in to Super Bowl XLVII, and with each 30-second slot costing more than $3 million, the stakes are high for brands to out do each other creatively. Here is StopPress’ selection of hand picked ads from the Super Bowl broadcast, truly the real winners of today’s Big Game.

Best Family Cheese

Hyundai – Epic Playdate

The Flaming Lips isn’t your usual ad band, but even these venerable rockers can’t save what is essentially a TVC about a young family that is far more fun than yours. I mean, who has time to visit a zoo and a museum in the same day?

Runner Up: Toyota – Wish Granted

Honourable mention: Budweiser’s inter-species family cheese

Best Chuckle

Samsung – The Next Big Thing

Featuring funny guys Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan, a cameo from basketball star LeBron James, and Saul the lawyer from Breaking Bad – The Next Big Thing is a meta take on what makes a good TVC. 

“Put out on the internet that you want people to send you ideas, then you won’t have to think of an idea,” says Rogen, who has a promising future as a creative director.

Quickest to Seize a Marketing Opportunity

Oreo – Dunk in the Dark

While the rest of the world was busy making lame Katrina jokes following the blackout at the Superdome, the team at Oreo quickly posted this on-the-fly piece of advertising on the brand’s Twitter feed.

Best Awkward Moment / Personal Dream Lived Vicariously

GoDaddy – Bar Rafaeli’s Big Kiss

GoDaddy sells online products of some sort. We’re not sure quite what exactly, but judging from its long line of sexualised commercials, we have a funny feeling it involves hosting adult content.

Best Use of Blue Steel / Destroyer of All Men’s Self-confidence

Calvin Klein – Concept 2013

Calvin Klein teaches Super Bowl watchers that they too can have bodies like model Matthew Terry if they purchase $90 underwear. We at StopPress have already ordered our pairs from Amazon.

Best Babies in Adult Situations

Kia – Space Babies

The talking baby commercial is an NFL tradition as old as the half time show, and this year the babies go intergalactic – overloading us with cute fuzzies. 

This TVC gets extra points for its multiple uses, we believe it would make for a great sex education video in some of the more conservative states.

Best Rapping Grandma or Similar

Taco Bell – Viva Young

Much like the talking babies, the rapping grandma is traditional gift to be found under the Super Bowl tree. This year’s geriatric adventure involves clubbing, partying, drinking, hooting and a hollaring, and a drunk snack mission for the American version of a kebab – the taco.

Lamest Ad

Budweiser – Black Crown

Budweiser launched its new, more alcoholic, Black Crown label last year. It’s targeted at a younger, hipper crowd than Bud Light (the stalwart of Super Bowl advertising) – but all this ad does is make us hate hipsters even more.

Runner Up: Doritos – Fashionistas

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