Remember these? A trip down jingle lane

Originally published: August 4th, 2016:

We asked the folks on the NZ Radio Facebook page to share their favourite ad jingles with us and here’s what they came up with. 

This KFC ad was recently named in NZ On Screen’s Top 10 Kiwi ads. Over 40 years later, many still remember this song and the question ‘why does Holly sound like a male?’ remains.

The ‘Great Crunchie Robbery’ for Cadbury also made NZ On Screen’s list of favourites. Its content director Irene Gardiner said the tune is by Murray Grindlay and Tony Williams, who directed it, overspent his budget and was given a lawnmower as a thank you and as his fee.

Those with broken dentures would never forget that 492 Queen Street was the place to get them repaired.   

This Ches ‘n’ Dale song for Chesdale cheese may be one of the finest jingles.

We would love to see a return of this TV3 jingle.

Gerard Roofs got us all with this ear-worm of a j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-jingle.

We can’t deny our love for this cheeky Novus spot.

The infectious charm of Bournvita’s classic spot, which was shot in the Onehunga church hall, also got an honourable mention.

Aquatic Park certainly seemed to be the chosen habitat of the all the little yellow ducks in the know. 

And Griffin’s gave us a tropical tune to celebrate the spiciness of its product.  

  • If we missed your favourite, share it in the comments below so we can continue the trip down memory lane.

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