Beer, betting and babies

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Who’s it for: Speight’s by Shine and Curious Film.

Why we like it: Inept, high-maintenance and presumably well-moisturised city-slickers head to the hills for some toughening up. And who better to whip them into shape and enhance their gradually decreasing manliness than a strong, silent, Speight’s-loving Southern Man. It’s now a classic and well-worn Speight’s scenario, but the Southern Man concept still seems to work well. Mojo made the last finishing school spot in 2009, and Shine has stepped in to take care of the follow-up.

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Who’s it for: TAB by Sugar and 8com

Why we like it: Everyone’s got a friend who makes bad calls. Lucky the TAB rewards those who make good ones. Excellent use of bro, too.

Youtube VideoWho’s it for: Huggies by Ogilvy Australia

Why we like it: This ad makes it through on a technicality, because while it was made by the Aussies, Ogilvy New Zealand was given the all-important task of adding the Plunket logo on. And what an excellent logo placement it is.

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