BCITO, EightyOne changing perceptions of the trades

Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO) and EightyOne are continuing to change Kiwis’ perceptions of the trades by hammering home the perks of being a tradie.

More New Zealanders than ever see the trades as a career to aspire to, and BCITO have helped thousands get qualified across more than a dozen different trades. 

Now three years later it’s time to finish Michael’s story as BCITO and EightyOne launch ‘The Phone Call’ across the country on TV, online and in OOH.

This third instalment begins as Michael’s dad learns his son is now a qualified tradie. The soul-searching that follows not only sums up the different benefits of being a tradie, but that this is now a career many people aspire to. 

EightyOne’s Chris Appelros says: “This is a family conflict I think many of us can relate to. Of course, the dad just wants what’s best for his kid. But it’s taken him three years to realise that the trades were the answer all along.” 

BCITO’s Asharie Martelletti says: “We’re excited to release the next chapter of Michael’s journey with EightyOne. Hopefully Michael’s dad will be as proud as we are of him.” 


Client: BCITO

Heading of Marketing: Asharie Martelletti

Agency: EightyOne

ECD: Chris Bleakley

Copywriter: Chris Appelros

Art Director: James Henderson

Editing: Ollie Stent

MD: Matt West

Account Direction: Emma Chote

Producer: Juliet Dreaver

Director: Ryan Heron

Production Company: Flying Fish

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