BCG2 Health snaffles big international project for F&P Healthcare

BCG2 Health appears to be revelling in its niche at the moment after a couple of good wins and it’s toasting to more good health because, after a competitive pitch, Fisher and Paykel Healthcare has shacked up with the agency to launch a digital consumer and trade campaign in the US, a key market for its range of sleep apnoea medical devices.

Stuart Ogden, bcg2 Health’s general manager, says it was a full-blown creative pitch against two incumbents, and he says they took out the top prize because of a “very innovative, creative idea” (that they obviously can’t talk about yet).

The win “again demonstrates how well positioned bcg2 Health is as a leading partner in developing world-class digital healthcare solutions”, which he says is an increasing area of focus for the industry as patients are matched up with providers via digital channels.

This big win follows up from the recent award-winning digital work bcg2 Health and Spitfire undertook for Pfizer in Australia/NZ with its FACTORy programme, which won a commercial excellence and innovation award and is currently being looked at for release in other markets.

Ogden says the project is set to run for around three months, and will again involve its partner agency Spitfire, but he’s confident it will blossom into a full agency relationship.

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