MPA shows off the speed of magazines

This morning, those in the industry were reminded that print isn’t as slow as slow as what everyone suggests it is. Before any online publications released any information on the Axis Awards, the Magazine Publishers Association (MPA) had a specially printed magazine delivered to all the agencies that were in attendance. And, as an added bonus, the delivery also inlcuded a much-needed Red Bull. 

Dubbed Last Night, the 24-page A4 publication included the list of winners, photography of the event and a range of advertising-related editorial. 

“It’s the power of magazines,” said Paul Dykzeul, Bauer CEO. “Fast, innovative, entertaining and, we like to think, full of surprises.”

And Metro editor Simon Wilson added: “You never want to underestimate ‘old media’. What better medium than magazines is there for recording an event like that? We’ve just given everyone in the advertising industry a permanent reminder of the occasion, and something that’s a lot of fun to read. “What’s more, because it’s a magazine it has the beauty of being something readers can savour whenever and wherever they like. Magazines? Gotta love ’em.”

The turnaround was fast. Copy and photos were sent in as the night unfolded. The whole package was sent to printers (Webstar) by midnight. And then by 9am, as the beady advertising folk arrived at work, the publication was delivered.   

“We’re always excited to work with Webstar,” said Dykzeul. “They’re reliable and innovative, which printers need to be, and they relish a challenge. They did a great job with this one, just as we knew they would.”

Last Night was designed by Metro art director Micheal Hanly, with a cover created specially by the team at Y&R.

“We love being neighbours with them at City Works Depot,” said Wilson. “They’re a clever bunch of very creative people.” 



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