Bacon will make it better—UPDATED

Here at StopPress, we’re big fans of J&D’s, a website that proclaims everything should taste like bacon (for the special someone who has everything, its new Bacon Lube really is the perfect Christmas gift). And while we were baying for blood at the Fight For Life on Saturday night, we also became big fans of Buffalo Creative’s efforts to leverage Kiwi Bacon’s sponsorship of the event. Buffalo Creative’s director/owner Tim Barry says the ‘Bacon will make it better’ campaign got some very positive feedback from a few that saw the work and knew the Buffalo connection (somehow we don’t think it would work quite so well out of context in the real world, however). And it follows up nicely from the popular TVC it created a few months back that extolled the virtues of local swine.

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UPDATE: Kiwi Bacon is counting down the next two weeks with a Baconanza, featuring such goodies as bacon wallets, bacon mints, bacon soap, bacon shoes, and and bacon lip balm. Keen beans can enter daily to win a different prize every weekday until the 22nd, when a BBQ and $50 pack of Kiwi Bacon is up for grabs.

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