An Aussie’s take on the in-flight safety video

Captivating in-flight safety videos aren’t just a Kiwi thing anymore as Qantas and Tourism Australia team up with everyday Australians for their own take on the concept.

The six-minute video is a wide-ranging production featuring dozens of iconic Australian landmarks and professions. These include a hot air balloon operator floating over the vineyards of Hunter Valley, a Q1 window cleaner overlooking Surfers Paradise, a group of Bangarra dancers on the sandy shores of Cape Banks, and a real life Australian fashion designer on the runways of up-market Melbourne. 

Although having collaborated before in a star-studded 2016 safety video that went viral, the 2017 production sets itself apart by putting the spotlight on everyday Australians rather than the tradition of featuring national celebrities. 

In August, Qantas and Tourism Australia signed a $20 million AUD deal signalling “a new era of partnership” after suffering a fall out in 2012.

Air New Zealand’s latest safety video from December also focuses on a tourism angle, showcasing some of Northland’s most scenic sights. 

The video is set to run on all domestic and international Qantas flights from 1 February. 

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