An audience with the future

Following on from our last round-up, no-one seems to have been able to avoid the excitement over the recent arrival of Back to the Future‘s date. News broadcasters talked to people with DeLoreans and discussed what the film got right. And, as cultural parasites, brands tired to get a piece of the action too. Herewith, a few more examples. 

Toyota went the biggest on the date, bringing together Doc and Marty for a series of teasers and a five minute clip about its hydrogen cell car, which Toyota says the launch was simply fortuitious timing, rather than perfect planning. 

Lyft offered passengers rides in a DeLorean, as did Uber.

Burger King has created a hovertray. 

Nike has recreated the shoes from the movie. 

7-Eleven, where Marty learned to shoot thanks to arcade game Wild Gunman, also hasn”t missed the opportunity to take advantage of the wave of attention generated by the day.

Greggs has also jumped on the time-travelling bandwagon.

As has Royal Dutch Airlines.

Nintendo is re-releasing the Wild Gunman game on Wii-U.

In the film Doc, travels into the future and learns from the an edition of USA Today’s newspaper that Marty McFly’s future son, Marty Jr., will be jailed. So, USA Today’s October 21 edition of the paper featured a fake cover—the one depicted in the 1989 film. 

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