Audience hoodwinked by John Lewis imposter

There’s been a buzz on the internet over the last few days as the highly anticipated John Lewis Christmas ad appeared to have launched. However, the 86-second story about a snowman was not the work of the UK retailer, instead it was produced by a student as part of their A-Levels.

But viewers would be forgiven for thinking the ad was true as it not only closes with a John Lewis logo, it also follows John Lewis’ style of using loveable characters to tell a sad story with a warm and fuzzy ending.

This video tells the story of a snowman trapped in a snowglobe who falls in love with a snowwoman in his dreams. So far it’s been viewed over 795,000 times.

When Express asked the student about the video, they explained it wsa for A2 AQA Media Coursework: “My chosen essay was on John Lewis and how successful their marketing campaign has become.

“Along with the essay I had to create a linked production piece, and this was my attempt on creating a John Lewis style advert. As far as I remember I think it got full marks.”

And those full marks seem to be well deserved, as the video fooled audiences who have come to know the award-winning quality of John Lewis ads.

With audiences still left in anticipation for the John Lewis ad, a YouTube user called ‘MisterMaurx Communications’ has released a video called ‘John Lewis Christmas Advert 2016 #BounceBounce Teaser’. Is it real? You decide.

Check out John Lewis’ previous Christmas ads below.


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