Auckland Transport launches ‘Invisible Hazards’ road safety campaign via Motion Sickness

‘Invisible Hazards’ gives New Zealanders an unexpected view of what happens when you lose focus behind the wheel.

Auckland Transport’s latest campaign aims to reduce harm on the roads by emphasising the importance of paying attention while driving, with a focus on intersections, traffic lights, and cyclist awareness. 

“AT recognises there is too much harm happening on the roads across Auckland as a result of mistakes people don’t mean to make. Most people driving are trying to do the right thing and this campaign is a clever way of highlighting the micro moment where you can miss a hazard when not paying full attention” says Penny Batten, Head of Marketing.

The campaign sheds light on inattentional blindness — a phenomenon that causes people to miss things happening right in front of them due to a lack of focus. Even seemingly harmless diversions, like thinking about what’s for dinner, can make you oblivious to the obvious. Studies show that drivers who experience inattentional blindness only see and perceive 50 percent of the dangers on the road with them. 

Developed in collaboration with artists and body painters, everyday road hazards were camouflaged into their surroundings, to provide a realistic view of what happens when you lose focus while driving. All images were painted by hand and shot in camera, providing an authentic depiction of distraction. 

Unlike traditional road safety ads that highlight hazards, Auckland Transport hid them in plain sight. The campaign features a suite of OOH, radio, and digital placements across Tāmaki Makaurau. 

Listen to the audio here: https://www.bestadsontv.com/ad/148988/Auckland-Transport-Invisible-Hazards-Hockey-Practice

Hidden within this radio spot are three hazards, disguised by an articulation of everyday thoughts people have while driving. 

This campaign marks the first piece of work Motion Sickness has done with Auckland Transport since being appointed to the Auckland Council panel last year.


Client: Auckland Transport 

Head of Marketing: Penny Batten

Marketing Campaign Manager: Blake Walker

Agency: Motion Sickness

Executive Creative Director: Sam Stuchbury 

Creative: Kelly France

Creative: Andrew Hathaway

Senior Designer: Hamish Steptoe

Designer: Nick Jamieson 

Producer: Joseph McAlpine

Account Manager: Priya Marshall

Head of Strategy: Hilary Ngan Kee

Strategist: Chelsea Knowles

Photographer: Simeon Patience 

Art Director: Dion Boothby 

Illusion Artist: Marc Spijkerbosch

Artist: Tracey Lee Cassin

Body Painter: Yolanda Bartram

Retoucher: Cameron Jones

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