Attack of the killer grease monkeys

Whether they’re fast-walkers or slow-walkers (Simon Pegg’s preferred option), zombies will stop at nothing to get at braaaaiiiinnnnnnsssss. And, in this German Audi ad promoting its reliable—and reliably expensive—servicing options, dodgy mechanics will stop at nothing to get your business.  

In a release, the agency, Thjnk, says this isn’t “the ‘conventional’ communications about service personnel and what they have to offer, but rather the monumental showcasing of the eternal struggle between good and evil”. 

And Silke Miksche, head of marketing communications for Audi Germany, said: “The subject of ‘service’ is of tremendous importance both for the customer and for us as car manufacturer and our dealerships—and yet it has so far not been the focus of our communications. The way we approach the subject is altogether unexpected—emotional, spectacular, epic. In other words, this is truly big-screen stuff.”

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