ASB takes out February Colmar Brunton Ad Impact Award

ASB have done it again, bringing yet another brilliant TVC to our screens. With the return of the loveable Ben, the 45″ ad reminds us of just how rewarding it can be to save our hard earned money.

We had a great start to the year in the advertising world and in February, the competition for the Colmar Brunton Ad Impact Award was as fierce as ever! There can, however, only be one winner and for the second February in a row, ASB have taken it out. This time, it’s for their TVC ‘Ben saves up for something better’. It’s an extremely enjoyable advertisement that takes us on a nostalgic trip into the past, where ASB was helping kids with their savings, just like they continue to do in 2021. While the ad performed strongly across each of the 3 pillars of successful advertising, the ad also stood out in the following areas:

  1. Enjoyment
  2. Brand Love
  3. Talkability

See the below infographic for more information about the February Colmar Brunton Ad Impact Award.

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