What Apple’s privacy update means for your Facebook advertising

Advertising on Apple devices is poised to change dramatically due to a new privacy update. The team at Uprise unpack how this will impact on your marketing efforts on Facebook, and what’s the best way forward.

In early 2021 Apple will introduce a new privacy function as part of an iOS 14. update that means users must give permission for apps and websites to track them and access their Apple device advertising identifier (IDFA). Other devices, such as Android operating systems, are unaffected by this change.

Facebook has been using Apple’s IDFAs for many years to power their advertising campaigns and ensure accurate targeting. However, Apple’s latest changes mean that as advertisers we need to make adjustments to follow the new privacy guidelines.

On the back of the announcement by Apple, Auckland-based Uprise have been working on a report to help clients navigate these changes and best optimise their Facebook advertising.

Tim Pointer.

“We’ve spent the last few weeks creating a comprehensive guide for what people need to do to ensure they are setup for the latest change for Apple IOS14 that affects every advertiser who is spending money on Facebook,” explains Tim Pointer, CEO at Uprise.

While this is aimed to inform Uprise clients, Pointer believes that it’s a resource many others will find of value and as such is sharing it with StopPress readers.

The Apple privacy & Facebook advertising report covers:

Asking for User Permission
Audience Tracking
Campaign Setup
Attribution & Optimisation
Summary of Changes
Action Points for Advertisers
Recommendations for the way forward

To get your free copy, click here.

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