ASB looks for jump on rivals with recruitment app

ASB hopes its newly-released Work for ASB app will help it snare and hold on to top talent in corporate banking.

The smartphone app works with ads in the New Zealand Herald, National Business Review, Dominion Post and Christchurch Press to launch augmented reality content that gives potential staff a taste of working for ASB in corporate banking.

It also links to content on the Growth Story website www.growthstory.co.nz, with video and available jobs. The app also has CV writing and interview advice, the ability to register interest in open roles and share on social media.

Corporate banking is an especially competitive part of the sector, says ASB’s executive general manager for corporate, commercial and rural, Steve Jurkovich.

“There’s no doubt that in corporate banking in particular the quality of the talent you can attract and retain is one of the absolute key differentiators.”

With increasing demand for mobile apps in banking, he hopes the app will appeal to a tech-savvy crowd and make the most of technology in banking. “We’re appealing to what we hope are tech savvy people but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re younger. They’ll be digital natives and there’s also people that are digitally savvy but not necessarily young,” he says.

“We recognised with Growth Story that an we have an exceptional track record of customer satisfaction, but the smallest market share in corporate banking. We need to translate that technology advantage into enticing our customers to us.”

Guru Digital Media developed the Growth Story site, while trans-Tasman digital agency One Fat Sheep created the augmented reality app.

Jurkovich didn’t reveal download numbers but says they’ve exceeded the bank’s targets and it’s attracted global interest.

ASB’s talent acquisition team drove the adoption of the HR app, he adds.

“People who work in recruitment and HR and every area of the business have to think about the opportunities technology can bring to make a difference.” 

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