ASA launches awareness advertising campaign

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is launching an advertising campaign across media platforms this week.

The campaign was developed to raise awareness about what the ASA does and how it makes sure advertising is within the Advertising Standards Code. 

In 2017, the ASA dealt with more than 1100 enquiries, including 603 complaints. Thirty-seven percent of the complaints resulted in ads being removed or changed. The ASA helps regulate the content and placement of advertising for all ads in all media. 

The campaign follows the release of the new Advertising Standards Code in July and the AdHelp Information Service. The creative work is an adaption of a successful campaign developed for the ASA UK by AMV BBDO. 

ASA chief executive Hilary Souter says the advertising campaign is designed to promote awareness of the ASA’s role in setting and enforcing advertising standards. 

“The ASA is in regular contact with its sister organisations around the world and when we saw [the British]campaign, we thought the key messages were a great fit for us. We are very grateful to the ASA UK, and their agency AMV BBDO, for giving us to adapt it for New Zealand, and to our members for their continued support.”

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