ANZ and RSA let Kiwis remember their Anzac heroes

ANZ has teamed up with the RSA to launch an online campaign that gives Kiwis the opportunity to publicly honour the heroes who were part of the troops that landed at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915.

Hosted online on a microsite dubbed called Shadow Battalion, the campaign allows visitors to select a hero and then provide a reason for remembering this person.

Because they went to war. Because they served our country. And, because they didn’t all come back. This Anzac Day…

Posted by ANZ New Zealand on Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Each message entered into the site is then added to an online ‘Shadow Battalion’ gallery featuring posts from other Kiwis who have shared messages about their heroes.

Some participants are also taking to Twitter and sharing their messages via #shadowbatallion.


Site visitors also have the opportunity to further support remembrance by finding the local Anzac Day service on the RSA site or by making a donation to the RSA online.

“When ANZ approached us with the idea of the Shadow Battalion, we saw it as the perfect opportunity for us to join together and champion remembrance in a way that’s young, contemporary and innovative,” said RSA marketing and communications manager Stacey Clarkson in a release. 

Clarkson said that the site also has a responsive design in the hope that the message also reaches younger audiences and teaches them about the Anzac heritage.  

“Let’s ensure that every Anzac is remembered 100 years after the landing at Gallipoli,” she said. 

Interestingly, the campaign was also something of a learning curve for Clarkson in that she discovered a personal connection to the Anzac battle.   

“I searched for an Anzac who shared my maiden name, not expecting to find one, but I ended up discovering an Anzac relative and an unknown part of my family’s military history,” she explains.

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