Anonymous commenters rise up, use fear to rid the world of bad advertising

A few of our esteemed contributors have placed ‘anonymous commenters’ in the villains section of our Year in Review questionnaire, as they did the year before. And it’s fair to say most would agree with those choices. But not all, it seems. We received an interesting ‘Anonymous Message’ from a generic email address with a link to a video featuring a shadowy figure in a Guy Fawkes mask outlining the surprisingly worthy, if rather threatening, intentions of anonymous commenters: to completely eliminate all bad ads from this world.  


The suit without a head image ”represents leaderless organisation and anonymity” and is commonly associated with Anonymous, as is the end line “we are legion, we do no not forgive, we do not forget”. But given the Anonymous hacker collective generally has slightly bigger fish to fry, like dealing to governments, corporations, paedophiles, Scientologist and anyone opposed to internet freedom, we somehow doubt it would be concerning itself with New Zealand advertising (do we detect a hint of Resn?). And if it is a gimmick and the real Anonymous finds out someone’s messing with their brand, something it doesn’t like, may we recommend finding an island to live on for a few years as your digital life is violated. 

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