AMP implores Kiwis to empty their too-hard baskets

They say regret is a pointless emotion, but what would ‘they’ know. So to inspire a few more Kiwis to get their ayes into gees and shake up the ‘ahhh, I’ll do it tomorrow’ attitude, AMP, Running With Scissors, DNA and Bloodhound Media have got together to launch the ‘act today, own tomorrow‘ campaign.   



The multi-channelled, slightly self-helpish campaign, which uses TV (by Flying Start), print, online, outdoor, cinema and activation “to explore a world of missed opportunities, temptations and myopia”, is based around the insight that while people tend to know there are things they should be doing, it’s human nature to defer action on long term plans and focus on what seems more immediate. 

“This campaign is about those defining moments in life,” says Jo Kelly, head of marketing at AMP, New Zealand’s largest non-bank insurance and investment company. “It’s the importance of the decisions today and the impact they have on our future. Everyone remembers the actions that led to a great result or the indecisions that meant an opportunity lost. AMP exists to help you take action and build your own success for tomorrow.”

New Zealanders are renowned for being laid back, but that can sometimes go too far, says Running with Scissors’ Friday O’Flaherty. 

“The security and health of the ‘future-self’ is often cast aside for immediate gratification,” he says. “But history was made by those who took action and for everyone who acted, there were hundreds who didn’t. We have created a campaign for AMP that brings some of these defining moments to life through the eyes of those who failed to seize their big opportunity in the past and with reminders to all of us to grab our opportunities today.”

This campaign signals the start of increased visibility in the market for AMP and it’s the first above the line execution for the company since the launch of its new brand identity that was developed earlier this year. It has, however, found plenty of success drumming up interest in its scholarship programme with its social media-heavy Do Your Thing initiative. 

This campaign is the first the three agencies have worked on together. And they have had to work fast, with the first brief taken in July and the TVC airing for the first time on Sunday. 

“When AMP asked us to put together a team of strategy, design, communications and media specialists for this campaign, we immediately thought of Running with Scissors and Bloodhound Media. These are two agencies that DNA feels culturally aligned with. We all share a hard-working ethic, a love of imagination and of brave and strategic work,” says Donna Maxwell, portfolio director at DNA. “It has worked well because the three agencies and the client have been unified and driven. This is a campaign we are all immensely proud of.” 



Blair Vernon – GM Marketing & Customer Sales

Jo Kelly – Head of Marketing

Wendy Rayman – Marketing Programme Leader

Priyanka Sareen – Marketing Projects Manager


Agency Strategy Team

Donna Maxwell – Client Lead, DNA

Jason Clapperton – Director of Strategy, Running with Scissors

Friday O’Flaherty – Strategic Management, Running with Scissors

Selena Mihaljavich – Media Planner, Bloodhound Media


Agency Creative Team

Jono Aidney – Copywriter, Running with Scissors

Rob McDowell – Art Director, Running with Scissors

Stephen Maskell – Design Director, DNA


Agency Account and Delivery Team

Bridgette Roe – Account Director, DNA

Hannah Kidd – Account Manager, DNA

Lisa Walker – Agency Producer, Running with Scissors


Production Company, Flying Start

Sam McCauley – Producer

Miles Murphy – Director

Alex O’Shaughnessy – Editor


Sound Company, Images& Sound

Ben Sinclair – Sound Design

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