AMP, DNA hunt emotional connection to tackle insurance taboos

A family member affected by illness or injury, or dying, are among the worst scenarios imaginable. That makes insurance for families a hard sell, but AMP, partnering with DNA, Running with Scissors and Bloodhound Media, want to remind Kiwis to protect what matters most.

AMP says a research report by the Financial Services Council last year showed 84 percent of us have car insurance, but only 56 percent have life insurance and 21 percent insure their incomes.

“The family wagon might be replaceable – but people are not,” says Jeff Ruscoe, AMP’s chief customer officer.

Stephen Maskell, design director and principal at DNA, says people don’t understand the importance of protecting loved ones until it gets talked about.

“I’ve gone through an advisor process where it was asked, ‘what if my wife passed away or what if I did’ and it’s asking very challenging questions of people,” Maskell says.

“It’s very hard to get people to see that in a medium like advertising. This campaign is trying to address that by at least trying to identify what some of the impacts would be and some of things people can do to ensure their families are protected.”

The campaign carries on work AMP and DNA have done in previous campaigns to understand customers better, says Maskell. The Kiwisaver campaign earlier this year explored the psychology around putting money aside to gain rewards later in life, he says.

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AMP team

Jeff Ruscoe – Chief Customer Officer

Jo Kelly – Head of Marketing

Priyanka Sareen – Marketing Programme Manager

Marie Robinson and Taryn Tracey – Marketing Executives

Agency Strategy Team

Jon Ramage – Consortium director, DNA

Jason Clapperton – Director of Strategy, Running with Scissors

Selena Mihaljavich – Media Planner, Bloodhound Media

Stephen Maskell – Executive Creative Director/ Principal, DNA

Roger Shakes – Head of Business, Running with Scissors

Agency Creative Team

Lisa Divett, Creative Director

Agency Account & Delivery Team

Bridgette Roe – Account Director, DNA

Hannah Kidd – Account Manager, DNA

Afshin Saffari – Director of Development, Running with Scissors 

Edward Gunn – Development Manger, Running with Scissors

Lisa Walker – Agency Producer, Running with Scissors

Production Company

Kevin Denholm – Director, Exposure

Jess Milne – Producer, Exposure Sound Company

Jonathan Hughes –Music Producer, Franklin Road

Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper – Composer, Franklin Road

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