AmbientX thinks, feels and does new business

As interactions and events rather than the old school spray and pray approach are increasingly being utilised to rise above the rabble and capture the jaded consumer’s attention, experiential marketing’s star continues to rise. And the good news keeps coming for local experiential agency AmbientX: after its double medal haul at this year’s Australasian Promotional Marketing Association Star Awards for the Arnott’s Velish campaign, it has managed to pick up a couple more significant client wins recently.

Continuing on from the experiential work it has been doing with Sanitarium on the Up & Go and Cluster Crisp brands, AmbientX has been selected as the activation agency for the upcoming Marmite centenary campaign and is also working on experiential and sponsorship leverage ideas for AMP to help bring their ‘Do Your Thing’ Scholarship Programme to life through events and social media.

This new work backs up a win last month on Constellation Wines’ Kim Crawford brand, having won the business in a two-way pitch against an unnamed agency, and ongoing activation work for Beam Global’s Russian Standard Vodka.

Mark Pickering, partner and creative strategist at AmbientX says the New Zealand experiential marketing scene is growing at present.

“As highly engaging, more complex ideas continue to be demanded by clients, dedicated experiential agencies are in an ideal position to offer both the creative idea itself, as well as the experience and knowledge to put those ideas into action. At EMANZ (Experiential Marketing Association of New Zealand) we’re expecting to see big wins this year for experiential agencies and watch out for some amazing stuff from the experiential industry at the upcoming Effie Awards.”

If you still think experiential is just some contrived buzzword, or want to know more about it, AmbientX have put together something of a ‘manifesto’. See it in all its gloriously poor quality Powerpoint glory. what-is-experiential-marketing-26-jan-10

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