Air New Zealand claims September Ad Impact award

It was a busy September with a range of brands releasing new spots in the lead up to the warmer months of the year.

There could, however, only be one Colmar Brunton Ad Impact winner, and this time we saw a repeat winner step up to the podium. 

Having already featured among the winners for 2017, Air New Zealand again claimed the glory, this time for its latest ‘Where to Next‘ spot, which builds on a positioning first launched in 2015.  

Carried by Gin Wigmore’s rendition of ‘Tomorrow’ from the musical Annie, the spot showcases a montage of destinations on offer via the airline’s routes.

The Colmar Brunton research shows that the creative approach employed in the ad helps to create an affinity between viewers and the Air New Zealand brand. The public says the execution gives them the sense the brand delivers all the main things they expect from airlines while simultaneously setting the brand apart.

Perhaps the strongest indication of the impact of the ad is that participants in the study said they were more likely to fly Air New Zealand in the future. 

While Air New Zealand claimed the glory, it faced strong competition from New World, which announced the return of its Little Garden initiative.

Notably, New World won the Ad Impact Award in September last year when the promotion first started, and the continued appeal of the campaign shows that the audience remains hooked to gardening.

The spot is also well timed because it’s the time of year when New Zealanders should start planting seedlings in anticipation of the summer months. 

The research showed that the audience saw the ad as both relevant and credible and likely to encourage them to shop at the store in the future.     

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