AIM Proximity and TVNZ butcher latest Ondemand campaign

It brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘meat pack’: AIM Proximity and TVNZ have teamed up to deliver one of the largest, and almost certainly the meatiest, direct mail campaigns in New Zealand history after sending a packing crate filled with a 60kg hindquarter of Angus beef to the nation’s leading creative directors in an effort to educate ad agencies about the creative ways the Ondemand platform can be used.

“Getting the attention of creative directors is no mean feat, but we were confident that leaving half a cow outside their office would make them sit up and take notice,” says AIM Proximity’s creative director, Michael Barnfield.

Recipients of the teaser mailpacks were encouraged to visit the Ondemand Meats website where instructional videos gave a step-by-step demonstration of a meaty beast being broken down by a butcher (the campaign’s tagline is ‘caress the carcass’). And the videos double as a tutorial guide for advertising in and around the TVNZ Ondemand player, because, apparently, much like butchers, knowing the media tools at their disposal gives advertisers an opportunity to create delectable cuts. There are also a range of examples from actual clients for some inspiration.

At the website, the presumably non-vegetarian creative directors also discovered their beef would be collected that afternoon and returned to Ondemand Meats for processing. Another crate was delivered to them the following day, this time packed with individual meat cuts that were wrapped and ready to distribute to their creative teams. And just in time for the start of the summer barbecue season.

“We thought that meat was a fun topic to get the conversation started,” says Barnfield. “At the same time, we wanted to prove that if we could build an intriguing story for an everyday butcher shop on the TVNZ Ondemand platform, then the possibilities are endless.”

The campaign continues with a creative competition that allows creatives to submit ideas for how they’d test the limits of the TVNZ Ondemand site. A prize of a Canon 5D camera will be awarded to the best entry.

For some nice meaty viewing, check out Ondemand Meats here. And to check out a website dedicated to hats that are made of meat, check out hatsofmeat.com.

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