Ahhh, beer ads! Creepy banks! Death metal pad thai! Annoying songs! Safety in print! The ostrich! Tattoos! CnB tomfoolery!

Youtube Video The best beer ad we’ve seen in a while.

Youtube Video But wait, a longer version of the best beer ad we’d seen in a while last year.

Youtube Video Banks are sneaky. And, as this ad shows, bank managers are also creepy.

Youtube Video Vegan pad thai has never seemed so aggressive.

Youtube Video A disturbing tribute to the internet. And quite possibly even more annoying than this.

Youtube Video Scribe and Suzy P send out a message.

Youtube Video Safety—now in print.

For all those who really need a sleep at the office; a very permanent tribute to Facebook friends, here’s a bright idea and some top class rocketship CnB tomfoolery in the Waikato.

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