A sneak peek at ‘The Agency Perceptions Issue’

Agency Perceptions
We break down research from TRA, which provides a glimpse at what marketers really think about their agency partners. Find out which agencies are perceived to be on the way up, way down or chilling somewhere in the middle.  

The State of Adlandia
Get the lowdown from agency executives on the big issues and gripes currently facing the industry, from the traditional powerhouses of creative and media to the newer realms of in-house and digital.

Natural Born Swindlers?
With rebates, questionable digital dealings and measurement issues plaguing media agencies over the last year, we delve into the murky world of media buying to find out if local clients know what they’re paying for.

Horse’s Mouth: Josh Moore, Y&R
After spending most of 2016 collecting awards at every advertising show that mattered, we talk to Y&R’s chief executive about a year to remember. 

Art of the Craft
The online pipeline is an insatiable beast and advertisers now find themselves constantly churning to keep it full, leading to a clogged up mass of content. In a world of tightening budgets, increased demand and divided attention spans, we ask the question ‘Does craft still matter?’

The Side Hustle
What do Freddie ColtartUrzila Carlson, Justin Harwood and a couple of Colenso BBDO creatives have in common? They’re ad folk doing more than just ads.

Always Moving
As the magazine world continues to twist into a new shape, we look at how publications are avoiding the ‘crap trap’, innovating in today’s multimedia age, moving from page to screen and continuing to remain a trusted voice. 

20:20 Television
When it comes to TV, viewing habits are certainly changing, but the stats show that it remains by the far the dominant medium in most developed markets. We look at how reports on the death of TV have been greatly exaggerated. 

Gong Collectors
The New Zealand Direct Marketing Awards have become an opportunity for agencies to showcase how good they actually are at converting customer data into something meaningful. The Marketing Association look at the big winners from awards night.

If you give a shit, show it
Rather than being afraid of sparking controversy, brands should stand up for the causes that matter, says Karma Cola’s Angela Barnett.

Good talkers, bad listeners?
TRA’s Andrew Lewis reckons marketers need to become better at listening or risk being completely disengaged from who their customers are. 

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Correction: The Agency Perception issue of NZ Marketing magazine wrongly attributed the MyCountdown victory at the New Zealand Direct Marketing Awards to Foodstuffs on page 92. The victory went to Countdown. We were provided the information from the Marketing Association and apologise for the error.

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