Agencies encouraged to dump juniors in playful MDS end-of-year show invitations – UPDATED

This time of year always coincides with bouts of uneasiness for the juniors and interns employed at the various agencies across town, because, with the arrival of Christmas decorations, comes the cold, hard fact that a fresh batch of talent is about to enter the industry.

To celebrate the end of the academic year and show off the soon-to-be graduates, Media Design School (MDS) puts on an annual end-of-year show, which allows members of the industry to mingle with the students.

Over the years, it has become customary for MDS to send out invitations to agencies. And this time, instead of shying away from the elephant in the room, MDS students addressed the insecurities of agency juniors head-on with their invitations. 

The custom-made invitations, which were designed with the help of MDS alumni, encourage agency directors to dump their juniors in favour of the fresh talent that’s about to enter the market.    

While the invitations are provocative, they simply add to the advertising banter that usually typifies the celebration.

In the event that the posters don’t do the trick, MDS have also sent out some chocolatey treats to the agencies to convince them to attend the event. The organisers have expressed hope that these sugar-laden snacks will provide sufficient coercion to bring the agency bigwigs to the event.


This year, the shindig will be hosted on the second floor of The Seafarer’s Building at the new Ostro Bar on 12 November from 6 to 8pm.

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