Adshel and Everything get creative with timely new campaign

The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation (NZBCF) has seen the light – and the dark: its new Girls’ Night In fundraising campaign, which launched today, 22 June, and runs for two weeks, is putting a new, more contextual twist on the outdoor medium, with 20 of Adshel’s Create sites delivering a different image depending on whether the ad is seen during the day or at night. 

The creative concept, developed by Everything Design, features a simple window frame with the core campaign message sitting on a pull-down blind. Different silhouettes printed on the reverse side of the poster become visible at night when the posters are illuminated from behind.

“Using this technique allows us to add potency to our message – encouraging women to have a fun night in with their girlfriends and help The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation raise funds at the same time,” says Everything’s creative director, Jason Saunders. “The seasonal timing of the campaign means that commuters will see the day version of the design on the way to work and the night version on their way home.”

Rochelle Weaver, marketing executive at Adshel, says the NZBCF has a special place in Adshel hearts and says the outdoor medium’s high mass reach will get some good engagement for the campaign. And, like their previous campaigns for Pink Ribbon Breakfast and their appeal week, she says this new creative is a “perfect demonstration of what Adshel can deliver in terms of cut through, high visibility and effective communication of key messages.”

Speaking of communication of key messages, the NZBCRF’s ‘The Blob‘ was shortlisted for the Outdoor Lions in Cannes today.

NZBCF executive trustee Heather Shotter says it’s thanks to Adshel and Everything Design that The Foundation is able to add a new creative twist the new Girls’ Night In campaign.

“Adshel have been so supportive, offering a charity placement rate and also with creative input. With their help we’re able to add a new aspect to our campaign that we simply wouldn’t be able to do with other outdoor mediums,” she says.

The NZBCF aims to raise $100,000 to help New Zealand women with breast cancer get out and about after treatment and the money raised will go to Community Outreach programmes that aid recovery from breast cancer.

  • Every Corporate team that registers their Girls’ Night In with a SingStar theme will go in the draw to win the Ultimate SingStar Party at their workplace. The winning team will have Sony Computer Entertainment come along to their workplace with large TV screens and PlayStation consoles plus food and drinks.

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