Ads of the Week: 9 July

Who’s it for: Stirling Sports by Motion Sickness

Why we like it: With Pride Month in June, a huge number of brands jumped on the bandwagon of shouting about how inclusive they are, but few actually lived up to their lip service. Here, Stirling Sports have done the opposite, positioning their brand with diversity and inclusively in a very genuine way. The fact that none of the people in this spot are actors, but rather a select number of the 800 people who responded to the company’s casting call on Facebook, and they are sharing real insults people have said to them makes it even more effective. A powerful message delivered perfectly.

Who’s it for: Vodafone by DDB

Why we like it: The only thing worse than a ringtone ruining the moment, is people having the audacity to speak at normal volume throughout an entire film (I’m looking at you, E 9-10 St Luke’s 5.10pm screening of Spider-Man: Far from home on Sunday. Shaking my head). This series from Vodafone perfectly illustrates just what a big impact one tiny cellphone can have on the cinema experience and there really is no excuse not to heed the warnings at the start of the film.

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