Ads of the Week: 9 April

Who’s it for: Wellington New Zealand by Eighty-One

Why we like it: Pay attention to this one, it’s not just the settings around Wellington that change. Eighty-one has mixed The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with Wellington as the ad follows a couple exploring the city and getting younger in the process. Dubbed “The Wellington Effect”, the idea of a city becoming a playground and all those in it being young at heart is an attractive sell as there’s nothing quite like the feeling of nostalgia. 

Who’s it for: Latitude Homes by The Rig

Why we like it: There’s something delightful watching the wee Kiwi make his way home. With the ad being released as daylight saving ends, ending the day by curling up on the couch is a scenario many of us can relate to so there’s plenty of feels associated with this one.

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