Ads of the Week: 6 September

Who’s it for: Jed’s Coffee by Special Group

Why we like it: While the campaign might not be outrageously funny, it’s a simple, clever idea that gets the point across in each of the 15-second spots. The only problem is that it may lead to some delays around the coffee aisle, with conumers channelling their inner hunter, fisherman or lumberjack as they grapple with the decision of choosing the flavour most suited to them.  

Who’s it for: Vodafone by FCB

Why we like it: Vodafone’s advertising is branching away from the traditional approach of telling consumers about its mobile deals to instead show the wider potential of the technology, and this latest spot is no exception. The Dutch-developed smart jacket is sure to be a hit with New Zealanders, particularly those regularly hitting the outdoors on their bike or opting to pedal themselves to work rather than taking the car. It’s a clever way for the brand to inject its name into a topical issue.  

Who’s it for: Mitre 10 by FCB

Why we like it: Giving your rival a ribbing at the sideline is engrained in Kiwi rugby culture, and seeing Mitre 10 replicate that shows just how local the retailer is (if its sponsorship of the Mitre 10 Cup wasn’t enough to prove it). The local theme is also continued by the Mitre 10 store owners fronting the camera to represent their regions.

Who’s it for: Prostate Cancer Foundation by Chemistry Interaction

Why we like it: Rather than bombard men with information about prostate cancer, this campaign takes a refreshing approach by challenging men to face their fears and get a check. As shown by the the  ‘Ice Bucket Challenge‘ and ‘No-makeup selfie”, Kiwis have certainly shown a willingness to accept social media challenges. And by enlisting celebrities Mark Hadlow, Monty Betham, Buck Shelford and Jay-Jay Harvey to kick off Blue September, the Prostate Cancer Foundation will hope to create a bit of hype around this year’s fundraising efforts.

Who’s it for: Bay Audiology by Saatchi & Saatchi and Exposure 

Why we like it: This emotional spot serves as a reminder that a lack of hearing not only has an impact on the individual, it also impacts their family. It sees Carol Coyne attend a hearing test after a life with hereditary hearing loss, however, when she puts on the headphones she hears her son’s voice. Conye’s tears over her son’s message pulls on viewers heartstrings, hopefully urging them to consider their hearing and the hearing of their loved ones at the same time. See what happened when Coyne got hearing aids here.

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