Ads of the Week: 5 February

Who’s it for:  VTNZ by FCB 

Why we like it:  People went absolutely mad for VTNZ’s post-apocalyptic brand platform last year starring its Mad Max-style Road Commander. The latest iteration also delivers the goods with a bit of humour and, of course, a bit of road rage to launch the news of earlier opening hours. 

Who’s it for:  Countdown by VMLY&R

Why we like it: This ad is the summer update on Countdown’s ‘We can help with that’ TVC launched in winter last year. It recalls the cheeky nature of the original ad, but thankfully leaves the rhyming voiceover in the past. It’s crisp and clear while remaining on-brand for the supermarket. 

Who’s it for: Spark

Why we like it: Who better than a telco to highlight the importance of talking about and celebrating diversity? This ad tugs on the heartstrings without being sentimental. Rather, it tells the real story of a young transgender New Zealander, Hunter, and his process of coming out through the point-of-view of his mother. The collaboration between Spark and Outline NZ is a significant one and it’s really exciting to see such a big brand raise awareness for a hugely important cause. 

Who’s it for: BurgerFuel by the BurgerFuel in-house team and Camistry

Why we like it: This ad blurs the lines between commercial and music video with no dialogue or voiceover to spell things out. Make no mistake, there’s bucket loads of product placement so you couldn’t mistake it for a dreamy summer-vibes video, but it’s unobtrusive and aurally subtle – making it a pleasant watch while waiting for an OnDemand show to start. It’s a good thing the weather’s been so nice though, otherwise, we’d be both starving for some spud fries and craving a beach day.

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