Ads of the Week: 30 January

Who’s it for: New Zealand Story by Many Minds

Why we like it: New Zealand is known for its beautiful scenery but now, thanks to New Zealand Story, it’ll be known as a rule breaker and not in a bad way. The campaign showcases the talent within our nation by telling stories of how Kiwi-made products are gaining traction around the world. One of those products is Sealegs, and the upbeat video asks rhetorical questions about combining a boat with a drill, and turning a boat and car into one vehicle, pointing out just how creative New Zealanders are and why the world should sit up and take notice.

Who’s it for: HRV by Y&R

Why we like it: You can’t help but be drawn into this video. While it’s initially clear what this ad is for, subtle shots of solar panels inserted into the montage of daily activities hint that it’s about energy and with that in mind, the viewer can draw the connection between all the products seen being used—all run on electricity. It’s then HRV introduces the idea of renewable energy, by making the sun work for us and for its new HRV Solar product.

Who’s it for: 7 Days

Why we like it: Sticking to the 7 Days sarcastic mantra, the campaign presents two big personalities in Dai Henwood and Paul Ego who butt heads in a couple of silky gowns. In a bid to generate hype, the team at 7 days have conjured up a series of short videos where host Jeremy Corbett proclaims it as one of the “greatest rivalries the world has ever seen”.  Each advertisement injects a generous helping of humour, as Corbett facilitates the feud. The characters are presented in a variety of serious settings, where not-so-serious altercations are taking place. As noted in the campaign, the advertisements are short and punchy, providing just enough humour and exuberance to keep viewers waiting in anticipation for Friday nights return of 7 Days.   

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