DDB and Pfizer NZ team up to help cancer patients

DDB and pharmaceutical company Pfizer New Zealand have created an app to help advanced stage renal cancer patients manage their treatment.

Called ‘Caremate’, the digital platform makes it easier to keep to what can be complex and difficult to follow treatment schedules.

It also helps patients monitor their condition regardless of where they are, ultimately helping achieve better treatment outcomes.

The app and its support pack work together to remind patients to take their medication, record their blood pressure, mood and symptoms on a daily basis while tracking their treatment. It also provides guidance on how to deal with symptoms they may be experiencing.

Healthcare professionals can access the data from the app during patient visits to obtain a more accurate overview of how the treatment has been working and a better understanding of how to optimise it.

DDB Digital New Zealand creative director Haydn Kerr says while a creative agency developing a digital app to support patients taking a medicine may sound unusual, using creativity and empathy to solve a medical problem makes a world of sense.

“At DDB we believe our role is to create real-world solutions for the businesses we serve. Caremate is an innovative new programme that does just that, and we’re proud to work with Pfizer NZ to bring it to life for those in need.”

Caremate has already been adopted by New Zealand patients and is starting to be used in Australia. 

A video explaining the app can be seen here.

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