Ads of the week: 3 September

Who’s it for: Zoomy, KidsCan, Shine and No One Ever Stands Alone (NESA)

Why we like it: The simplicity of the ad was used perfectly to highlight the real importance which was the charities it supports. The drawn style graphics, unobtrusive music and calm voiced narrator paired together well to communicate the message of what this campaign is all about.

For campaigns with a more serious underlying message it’s nice to see a lack of gimmicks or huge budgets. More just a connection to local importance and how viewers can easily get involved.

Who’s it for: Rabobank for New Zealand Agriculture

Why we like it: Nothing screams New Zealand support quite like an ad themed around farming. We pan through lush greens and healthy-looking capsicums to where our conveniently attractive Glasshouse manager Liam Griffin confirms the voiceover message. The agriculture clients also include Sheep and Beef farm director Mark Chrystall in a separate video for the two-part ad series.

The main aim of the bank game is to seem trustworthy, which Rabobank admittedly nails with the simple message and seasonal appropriate veg. 

Who’s it for: 2degrees by Run Agency

Why we like it: ‘A Different Story’ by 2degrees is in fact what it promotes, a wonderfully different take at the normal hiring process. It’s fun, a bit witty and the quick scene changes are enough to hold your attention for the full 90 seconds. It throws in a bit a humour while clearly promoting the 2degrees values they have as wall decals, while a slender man casually cartwheels in front of them for no apparent reason except he is just that thrilled to work there.

The video highlights all the company culture soft points that are growing in importance for employees, such as dog-friendly, kid-friendly, flexible hours among other cartwheel-worthy benefits.

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