Ads of the week: 3 July

Who’s it for: Skinny by Colenso BBDO

Why we like it: Ben Affleck from Dunedin, Clint Eastwood from Pukekohe and Sarah Jessica Parker from Warkworth are three of the regular Kiwis with famous names in this campaign. It’s both hilarious (look out for Michael J Fox in a homemade DeLorean) and a hat tip to the fact Skinny says it will do anything to keep prices low. Having the locals doing what their namesake is known for—Michael Jordan on the basketball court and Clint Eastwood (timidly) on a horse—is a nice touch. While it may not be the real Ben Affleck on set, this spot is sure to stick in people’s minds a lot longer than his performance as Batman.

Who’s it for: Robert Harris by BC&F Dentsu

Why we like it: Robert Harris coffee has a new look and to mark its evolution, it’s gone back in time to where it all began in 1952. For those who didn’t know the origin of the brand’s name, Robert “Bob” Harris is introduced examining coffee beans. While the country was previously run on tea, the ad jests Harris woke up the nation and turned strolling to strutting and formal into fun.

Who’s it for: NZ Post and New Zealand Red Cross by Assignment Group

Why we like it: Decorating a Queen Street bus shelter with curtains, to encourage Kiwis to donate their pre-loved curtains to those in need, is a clever idea with a simple execution. It’s eye-catching and makes those passing by want to know what it’s for. Supported by a 15-second spot, this is a national campaign supporting Red Cross curtain banks in Whakatane, Tauranga, Invercargill, Palmerston North and Gisborne so we hope it generates meaningful results.

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