Ads of the Week: 29 August

Who’s it for: Air New Zealand by True

Why we like it: While it may be a rehash of an earlier campaign targeted at Australian flyers, Air New Zealand does a good job of adapting the ‘Better Way to Fly’ concept to appeal to both Kiwis and Americans about their inter-continental flight options. And with national gem Sam Neill, from Jurassic Park, lending his theatrical voice to Pete, his presence manages to also bring a slice of local Aotearoa and Hollywood familiarity to the mix. 

Who’s it for: Dog Zen by Young+Shand

Why we like it: Ever wished your social media manager was just little bit furrier? Animal behaviouralist Mark Vette clearly did, which is why he’s taken it upon himself to appoint his canine buddy, Reggie, to manage Dog Zen’s Snapchat account. And since Reggie doesn’t quite have the disposable thumbs to take those Snaps by hand, he’s got a pair of nifty Snapchat glasses to help him along the way. The campaign’s done well to generate huge media interest and adds an unconventional newcomer to the digital influencer mix. Because who doesn’t love a dog in sunglasses, right?

Who’s it for: Microsoft by Y&R

Why we like it: Much like our theme for this year’s TVNZ NZ Marketing Awards, Microsoft’s latest campaign for the Surface Studio shows there’s a lot more to creativity than meets the eye. The first in a series of three videos focus on photographer Garth Badger, simultaneously showcasing Badger’s dark and mysterious work alongside subtle hints that allude to the product specific functionalities, such as pinch and zoom. The video’s ability to show the creative process in a practical context does a great job of appealing to the Surface Studio’s core demographic.

Who’s it for: BNZ by Colenso BBDO

Why we like it: BNZ has long been known for its ‘Be Good With Money’ campaign, and now, it’s looking show the people who’ve taken that advice in their stride. While the concept of focusing on the ‘humans’ behind the balance sheets isn’t particularly original, BNZ does an admirable job of showing just how everyday banking works for the everyday New Zealanders and businesses that use it.

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