Ads of the week: 24 September

Who is it for: DDB for VodafoneTV  

Why we like it: I’m not entirely sure if this campaign by DDB is promoting VodafoneTV or Cliff Curtis. Nor am I sure Cliff Curtis knows the correct pronunciation of the word ‘Tumeric’. Despite this, the new VodafoneTV, lets you watch endless Cliff Curtis on the wide range of its new channels. A fun, quick ad that showcases the best of a classic Kiwi talent. 

Who is it for: Hello for TAB

Why we like it: It’s a take on a classic Kiwi male sport-driven relationship, bonding through yelling at a screen, supporting our boys. This spot launched some serious debate on StopPress, which shows how passionate TAB’s audience is, almost a little too passionate for our comment section, however. 

Who is it for: Clemenger BBDO for Trade Me 

Why we like it: It’s an ambitious take that a teenager could afford a $30,000 car and an even more ambitious take that a 20-year-old could afford a 100-year-old villa with a long-drop. But Trade Me has long taken the stance of ‘anythings possible’ and this is definitely another take on that. I can’t say a long-drop dunny would seal the deal for me, but as Trade Me says in this campaign ‘there is someone for everything.’

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