Ads of the Week: 2 February

Z is for New Zealand, and we reckon giant strides start with small steps… so let’s go!

Posted by Z Energy on Monday, 1 February 2016

Who’s it for: Z Energy by Assignment Group and Robber’s Dog

Why we like it: Z Energy has conducted its biggest internal brand refresh since launching its new visual identity in 2012. While the update doesn’t involve any changes at face value, Z Energy is making some significant commitments to changing the way it does business in the local market. Included within the new push is a strong sustainability message, which comes off the back of major investment in biofuel and EV charging stations. It will be interesting to see whether the Kiwi public sees this as another example of greenwashing or an actual move toward a more sustainable future.    

Who’s it for: ANZ by Whybin\TBWA

Why we like it: Seven Days comedians Ben Hurley and Steve Wrigley provide some hilarious, live commentary of customers perusing the aisles as they compete in “supermarket derby”. There are some great one-liners along the way, pointing fun at stock figures of a hipster, a Pilates enthusiast and a confused dad. And while the competitors seem completely uninterested in the so-called race, the dad is definitely set up as the underdog, before surprising everyone by whipping out his phone and effortlessly making payment.         

Who’s it for: Newshub launch by MediaWorks

Why we like it: MediaWorks invested a massive sum not only in developing Newshub but also in promoting it with a slick campaign that gives viewers a glimpse at what they can expect from the new service. Drone footage of topical events combine with a powerful soundtrack to get viewers hyped up about reading, watching and listening to the news.        

Who’s it for: Noel Leeming by FCB

Why we like it: Advertising doesn’t always have emotive or hilarious to be effective. Sometimes, delivering an important piece of information relevant specifically to the target market can be enough to ensure that the campaign resonates with the audience. And in its latest campaign, Noel Leeming has taken the more informative approach by showing its customers that with a bit of technical nous (obtained from Noel Leeming staff) they can still access the shows they used to enjoy on TV.   

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