Ads of the Week: 13 June

Who’s it for: ITM by JustOne

Why we like it: Gathering real Kiwi tradies to tell their best anecdotes from the job site is a fresh approach to otherwise heavily produced, over-scripted and product-driven advertising. ITM is a brand for tradies of all levels and who better to attract them than tradies appearing as they would on site. And for those who aren’t in the trades, they can still relate in some way by listening to someone else’s blunder or doing it themselves.

Who’s it for: Energy Online by Contagion

Why we like it: It’s quite a cliche to use tattoos as the premise to a story of regret, but for advertising, it’s a simple way to get the message across. In this case, Energy Online wants New Zealanders to know that it doesn’t lock customers into a contract they may come to regret. The same can’t be said about the tattooed man, whose wife was not impressed by her giant face on his back and miss-spelled ‘Regerts’.

Who’s it for: The Block NZ by MediaWorks’ in-house team

Why we like it: Work boots, tool belts and people dressed in blocks of bright colours can only mean one thing—it’s time for another round of The Block NZ. The mashup of Three’s branding and contestants running—to represent the competition they’re in—acts to remind the audience that there’s another season on the horizon. With last year’s season making it to second position in MediaWorks’ most popular show in the 25- to 54-year-old demographic, there’s sure to be plenty of fans buzzing over what’s in store for season six. If this spot’s anything to go by, the purple team is set to be well ahead of the pack.

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