Ads of the week: 11 October

Who’s it for: Sleepyhead by Special Group

Why we like it: This spot is certainly not the typical bed brand TVC. Rather than taking the familiar approach of offering relief from back pain, Sleepyhead borrows from the fashion industry to position the brand as the stylish option in the market. It’s bold. It’s different. And if there’s a bed that’s going to appear on teh pages of Vogue, it’s probably this one. 

Who’s it for: Countdown by Red Jelly

Why we like it: Going to the supermarket is quite the chore, so it’s a surprise to see it portrayed in a similar light to some of the best feelings, like a sleep in or your favourite team winning the game. While the brand element of this ad takes some time to be revealed, it is a clever approach to explaining Countdown and AA Smartfuel’s new partnership. And this is not the first time we’ve seen brands associate themselves with a feeling. Earlier this year The Warehouse invited customers to get the “bargain feeling“, while Lotto has also promoted its “winning feeling“.

Who’s it for: TVNZ by TVNZ Blacksand

Why we like it: The branded ball is part of TVNZ’s recent branding update, which has seen all channels get a new name and a look, and videos of the ball will be used to mark TVNZ 1. We like the way the ball inconspicuously, almost cheekily, rolls through New Zealand, without a second look by those who it passes by. TVNZ 1 is seen by the broadcaster as the “storyteller“, so it’s fitting that the ball’s journey around both rural and urban New Zealand tells a story about the county and its people.

Who’s it for: Air New Zealand by True

Why we like it: Air New Zealand is looking to court Aussie travellers and it’s doing it with the help of a talkative goose named Dave. As is only fitting with anything that involves both the Kiwis and the Aussies, a fair amount of banter ensues and we’re also treated to a classic jab about the origin of pavlova. It’s a clever spot, and with a new character in its hands, Air New Zealand has set itself up nicely to tell more of its stories through the distinctly Aussie voice of this slightly annoying but strangely likeable goose.   


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