Ads of the Week: 11 April

Who’s it for: Westpac by FCB*

Why we like it: Romance can be a tricky thing, so who knew all it took was a bit of spare change? As Daniel’s spare $19 serves as the catalyst for a series of extremely fortunate events, the ad lends itself to some interesting imagery and some short-lived rhyming between the words ‘date’ and ‘Kate’.

Who’s it for: David Reid Homes by EightyOne

Why we like it: Hundreds of paper models were constructed for this 30-second spot, but the effort was worth it as it’s quite mesmerising to watch. Stop motion animation isn’t the most ground-breaking cinematic technique, but its use in this spot is fitting to the gradual construction of a house before the big reveal at the end.

Who’s it for: Testicular Cancer New Zealand by FCB

Why we like it: Asking people to participate in a campaign is risky, but given the current #fitspo trend it’s a clever way to engage the audience. Also, no matter what age, we’re sure there wouldn’t be many people who stick their noses up to the chance to draw a cheeky penis and testicles. And for those who aren’t inclined to workout, a quick scroll through the campaign’s website to see the drawings still tickles our puerile senses nonetheless.

*Correction: this story previously incorrectly stated the creative was developed by DDB. It was, in fact, developed by FCB. 

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