Ad Blacks everything (part 2)

Newspapers love big events, as brands hoping to show their tactical advertising flair tend to gravitate towards them. That was certainly the case after the 2011 Rugby World Cup win, as it was on Monday when the team backed that performance up by beating the Aussies. But we found a few more full-pagers in a special World Cup lift-out in the Herald this week, as well as some other rugby-related efforts. 

Of the legitimate sponsors of team and tournament, there was a punny ad from Emirates that put a full-stop on its slightly cringey anthropomorphic rugby ball campaign, a simple effort from ASB that was similar to its earlier Facebook post and some official merch/pointless paraphernalia from Bradford that would be the perfect gift for the person who already has the All Blacks jersey, the All Blacks Adidas boots, the All Blacks Weetbix, the All Blacks Powerade, the All Blacks Whittaker’s chocolate, the All Blacks Anchor milk, the All Blacks Kettle Korn, the All Blacks Jockeys and the All Blacks Treasures Nappies. 

Of the rest, they were alcohol-themed (Steinlager would’ve no doubt tried to sneak a few bottles into the changing rooms, but it seemed as though the ABs were celebrating with Heineken), with Moa promoting its unofficial Rugby World Cup brew ‘Four More Years’ and thanking George Gregan, Piper-Heidseck claiming it’s the champagne of champions and Villa Maria taking the opportunity to show how admired it is (hey, just like the All Blacks!). 

Earlier in the week, Slumberzone went large in the Herald with a simple congratulatory message for the All Blacks and its ‘ambedssador’ Ben Smith. 

Ford’s print ad on Monday was one of the best, and it made sure to show a few black vehicles afterwards on social (many of those black vehicles took the All Blacks to their victory ceremony in Auckland yesterday). 

In a very scientific StopPress office poll, Whittaker’s was top of the pile in the Branding World Cup for its faithful, humorous and chocolatey recreations of important moments filmed in a custom-made stadium.

Well the atmosphere is electric…

Posted by Whittaker’s Chocolate Lovers on Saturday, October 31, 2015

A five roll refined performance. 34 – 17. Hats off to the other AB*s!

Posted by Whittaker’s Chocolate Lovers on Saturday, October 31, 2015

And it finished off its clever campaign by offering fans a chance to win said stadium.

Beats by Dre, which came out as another office favourite for its sponsorship of key players from New Zealand, England and France, also took the opportunity to celebrate Captain McCaw on social, although they seem slightly confused about the country’s honours system.

A captain. A champion. A king. Congratulations #NZL and #KingRichie.

Posted by Beats by Dre on Saturday, October 31, 2015

Vogel’s, a notorious pun-based ambusher during the 2011 tournament, got in on the act again this year when it brought Richie McCaw and Dan Carter together for a charity event and asked fans to offer a toast to the two legends.  

Let’s toast our world-beating legends. Like our Facebook page and this post and you could win four more years of Vogel’s…

Posted by Vogel’s on Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Before the win, FCB created a clever print ad (that is reminiscent of 2011’s stadium of four million campaign) to let Kiwis know the final was screening for free on Prime. 

And special mention to Plumbing World, not for any clever creative, but just for getting Kieran Read to hold a toilet in its brochure. 

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