Absolut stunners pay homage to famous cocktails (and erotic dairy products)

Absolut vodka today launched its new ‘Drinks’ campaign in New Zealand, with renowned fashion photographer Ellen Von Unwerth and smokin’ screen hotties Kate Beckinsale and Zooey Deschanel combining forces in an effort to show off some of the world’s best known drinks and the stories behind them.

The new campaign pays tribute to the cocktails, from the modern interpretation of the Cosmopolitan, which is credited to veteran New York barman Toby Cecchini, to the tale of the Bloody Mary’s creation at Harry’s Bar in Paris (there are many versions of the Bloody Mary legend and all of them involve the call for Mary’s ghost while chanting into a mirror). It’s basically a creative tribute to cocktail culture, with Beckinsale and Deschanel channeling different eras and immersing themselves “in different cocktail worlds”.

Rachel Morrison, Absolut’s group brand manager in New Zealand says no other vodka has had as much longevity within both the cocktail and creative worlds and the ‘Drinks’ campaign is the culmination of the 30-year history of bringing these collaborations to life.

“Our goal with Absolut ‘Drinks’ was to bring a new generation of creative collaborators together to interpret Absolut-inspired drinks in a highly-visualised experience, launching in New Zealand in an exciting and engaging way”, she says.

As of Wednesday 24 March, New Zealand fans can visit the new interactive site here or here and can also join the Facebook page to find out about drink recipes, exclusive offers and events.

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In slightly less classy creative news, Pamela Anderson recently starred in this fairly controversial, rather risque ad (warning: video involves scantily clad writhing females, slow motion and lashings of cream) for Australian internet company CrazyDomains.com.au. She played to her strengths, dairy products were thrown all over her strengths, the camera zoomed in on her strengths and, as a result, the commercial was banned by the Australian ad watchdog for “crossing the line” (the other lass in the commercial just happens to be a New Zealander and doesn’t know what all the fuss is about).

But wait, there are now even more exciting New Zealand connections!

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“Not sure if this has featured in StopPress or if anyone in New Zealand cares, but here’s a commercial for Crazy Domains that was banned in Australia,” says Nicky MacDonald, a producer/director at SPG Communications in Auckland. “My client [Domains4Less] decided to take them on, so this is what we made (warning: involves scantily-clad writhing men, slow motion and lashings of cream). Just thought your readers might like to know. We had fun making it.”

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