A paintball truck, wedding sadness and some catchy Kiwi appeal

A virtual cornucopia of new work to choose from this week, with a double for Robber’s Dog.

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Who’s it for: V by Colenso and The Sweet Shop

Why we like it: It was always going to be tough to beat V Pomparkour in the coolness stakes. Still, Colenso and V have a long history of pushing marketing envelopes and the pair have been responsible for some of this country’s most memorable campaigns. And the latest ad featuring an Optimus Prime-esque paintball truck continues that trend. Lots of mystery and intrigue in the build-up, beautifully shot and a cool track to top it off. If DDB does funny, Colenso does cool. And, like the V Rocket man before it, we wait for speculation about whether it’s real or not.

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Who’s it for: Volkswagen by DDB and Robber’s Dog

Why we like it: Imagine having to rely on an ad agency and ze Germans to tell the truth about weddings. Dark humour being used to promote a great deal on great cars, an approach that has worked well for Volkswagen and DDB for decades.

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Who’s it for: Mitsubishi by Clemenger BBDO and Robber’s Dog

Why we like it: Compared to the grating Aussie-made ads currently running on Kiwi TV, this new brand ad has a really nice Kiwi feel, some great Country Calendar catchiness and a good offer to back it up. We likey.

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