Gyro, slidey, selfie and trapdoor: 4th Screen Advertising unveils four interactive mobile formats

Brands are constantly looking for innovative ways to reach their audiences, and one of the best ways appears to be through mobile-accessed websites and apps, seeing as many of us are linked to our phones almost constantly. Mobile advertising sales agency 4th Screen Advertising has released four new mobile ad formats, which aim to make the ad consumption experience a bit more enjoyable, requiring user-participation. 

The agency’s suite of mobile advertising formats feature the latest in rich media capabilities, including 3D and gyroscope says 4th Screen Advertising national sales manager Sarah Kavanagh, who adds that the formats are user-initiated and invite the user to ‘click’ on the banner ads and direct the ad sequence.

Kavanagh says the four ad formats are as follows:

Gyro: Integrating gyroscope and accelerometer, Gyro enables users to navigate ‘through’ the ad sequence and get a 360-degree view of a virtual panorama. Ideal for automotive and travel campaigns, Gyro allows users to truly immerse themselves in a dynamic branding experience.
Slidey: Driving banner awareness and curiosity, Slidey is a creative banner that glides up, down or across the page, prompting users to ‘tap’ and ‘launch’ the in-banner ad.
The Selfie: Advertisers can now integrate ‘selfies’ into their ad campaigns. Its features include layered drawings, photo filters and picture-in-picture for a highly personalised campaign that’s ideal for sharing via social media channels.
Trapdoor: Captivating a user’s eye the second they land on the m-site or app featuring the ad, Trapdoor acts just like a ‘trapdoor’, with the banner ad unlocking creative features which fall over the page.

What’s interesting about most of these new options is that they use tools that are already present within the mobile phone to give the advertising an entirely new perspective. It’s through tools such as the camera, the built-in gyroscope and the digital screen that the advertising comes to life.   

Kavanagh says the company is always looking for innovative ways to reach an audience and the company is excited to roll out formats that enable brands to develop more meaningful two-way interactions with users.

 “We are constantly pushing the boundaries and developing new opportunities for brands to reach, engage and interact with the growing volume of mobile users,” she says. 

“With this in mind, we developed four new interactive ad formats for brands looking for more authentic and entertaining ways to engage their target audiences and at scale. Our creative campaigns are already generating powerful engagement rates, with average user dwell times lasting more than a minute rather than seconds. As we integrate our new ad formats into our mobile campaigns, we hope to raise the bar even further this year.”

The company says to ensure optimal targeting and contextual relevancy, 4th Screen Advertising New Zealand’s mobile campaigns will be featured across its premium mobile advertising network, which accesses over 14,000 premium global and local publishers and advertisers, and reaches an audience of more than 2.5 million New Zealanders across app and mobile web platforms each month.

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