3 Wise Men and Assignment reward cattle class with seat-related discount

3 Wise Men has found a good aerial niche with its entertaining long-copy ads in Air New Zealand’s inflight magazine Kia Ora. And in the Hobbit-heavy December edition of the mag, Assignment Group has used that niche to great effect with a novel campaign that aims to make the back of the plane slightly more appealing to fliers. 

Anyone who brings their domestic Air New Zealand boarding pass in to a store during December gets a discount equivalent to their seat number, which, as the ad says, is good for those down the back, but “not so good for the politicians in Row 1. Oh well.” 

Richard Miles, co-owner of 3 Wise Men, says the campaign is going off so far, not only with people bringing in their boarding passes to take advantage of the discount, but also with anecdotal evidence of fliers going online to change their seats to a bigger number before they fly (he’s hoping Air New Zealand doesn’t decide to add any 777s to the domestic routes). 

3 Wise Men uses Kia Ora exclusively for its print advertising. And he says the campaign, from the Guides to a 3 Wise man and, more recently, the Bluffers Guides, has worked a treat as it’s such a captive audience of business travellers. 

Overall, he says business has gone pretty well this year, even though it’s not the easiest of trading conditions. And, in a sentiment echoed by a few retailers, he says the lack of a Rugby World Cup this year has actually been beneficial to business. 

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